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From 1st April 2019 all purchasing/procurement for Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions will transfer to Royal Mail Group Procurement.

How do I become a supplier of goods and service to Royal Mail Group?

Royal Mail's standard method for awarding contracts is via a competitive tender process. If you would like to express an interest in becoming a supplier to Royal Mail please contact us using the following email address, giving your company name, contact details, a summary of the categories of goods or services that you offer and a brief (200 words maximum) statement of why you think that Royal Mail would benefit from having your organisation as a supplier.

Please note that expressing an interest does not guarantee that your organisation will be invited to participate in a tender. Royal Mail aims to work with suppliers who actively support our business values, and expects all suppliers and bidders to demonstrate a high level of probity. Any tendering activities that we operate include questions to establish bidder compliance with anti-bribery and sanctions legislation and also require bidders to conform to our standards for Corporate Responsibility, including fairness, diversity and equality.

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